Monday, June 13, 2011

Things I Learned After College

Dreams have shattered, life has hit rock bottom, once floating in the air with wings, i have passed out of college and living in a real world.

People say college days are the best days of life, i cannot agree more to any other fact but this that it is a lie. College days are unreal days, where you make friends, spend your parents money, study when you feel like and watch a lot of tv series and movies and still you get away with good grades.

The first thing that i learned after getting out was that i am not as smart as i thought and there are a lot of people willing to do good work. And i would only be lucky if i manage to compete them.

Second thing i learned was that people, a lot of people, are working for their dreams and they are persistent enough to make them true. I used to think i would get out and do the work i want. I wanted to dictate life on my terms. Well usually that does not happen, you have to struggle and that is true. The saying that there is no substitute to hard work is indeed true.

Third, experience matters. You may be brilliant but you forget to account the uncertainties that cloud the practical world. You have to learn to deal with them and you learn them by experience only.

Fourth, money may not be real but it is important and it is really hard to get. You really have to prove yourself to be worthy of the money because the men paying you have also proved themselves and they just can't let their money just slip into your hands.

Fifth, setbacks are important. If you do find yourself lacking at anything, at any point of time, it is an opportunity to better yourself. It is a gap that has to be filled to bring more confidence in you.

Sixth, once you are out there, amongst the other people, surrounded by them, competing with them, you just cannot give up. There is no hope not even a glimmer if you do give up.


Prateek Raj said...

Every word you wrote is so true. People are really like stupid kids in college.

Abhay Shukla said...