Friday, June 19, 2009


Today I am writing about offices and computers and how I hate the idea of working in one of them.

Probably I have never spoken of how important freedom is to me. Like air is to body. Anything absolutely anything which keeps my freedom is my greatest enemy, fear and pain in the ass.

I am talking about cubicals. Those partially metallic, partially wooden, well painted glossy cubicals which they provide like in IT companies with computer screens flashing like desperate, impatient satins yet to be satisfied.
Not that I don’t worship any satin but not this one; and so I certainly don’t care about satiating it. Not in my dream. And that is why am not in IT, outsourcing or BPO business. But unfortunately satin has got its foot everywhere. Even in my bedroom! Comfortably exhausting its curses on my bed. Sometimes I wish I just throw it out of the window into the garbage piled up of beer bottles, plastics and polythene wrappers of tiger biscuits. But god satins costly!

I hate cuboids with windows, linux or macintosh ciphered into them. Which look upon human beings as inferior beings by claiming themselves advanced and smart. But unfortunately I live in these cuboids too! Half of me! No wait. More than half except for some strictly natural and irreplaceable phenomenon (thank almighty for that) necessary for survival, all of me in into those boxes I hate. My friends, my family, my privacy… all of it.
I don’t own the satin. The satin owns me!
Just like that cage which keeps the parrot who gets it open for some milk and chapatti but has to spend rest of his life within spelling what master wants, dealing with the phrases that pop up, clicking on the soft wares and feeling like haywire when other parrots fly over. Completely forgotten the native language; completely losing the innate inner self.

I hate cubicals! They are the worst cages ever designed by mankind to keep its own breed. Slowly poisoning them away from reality with virtual world, frustration and aloofness.
No human touch. That’s the worst curse one could have.
And these ugly grey boxes have helped invent these worst form of cubical curses and slavery that human being could have ever devised. To hell with that!
Unfortunately or ironically am spending a lot of time these days in these cubicals and I have gathered that even lizards hate them!

Lizards! Human beings! Lizards!

Yes am equally appalled from head to heart and yes am equally shocked from tongue to toe looking at our miserable lives.