Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Be Where You Belong

I fight sometimes. It’s not a moral, ethical, physical war but it’s more of a virtual war in manifestation. Thoughts overtaking thoughts like one predator eating another. Who knows who prey is? Who knows who will survive? But more often than not, when the battle is in distressed human mind, which often is the case, negativity conquers.

Am aroused by the feeling of well being and happiness sometimes. Such an overwhelm is real, i have felt it. Such an energy has potential effects of positive behavioral changes in and around the self created aura of thoughts within the mind. But i suppose that the state of mind is like a teetering board balanced on a rope, always in unstable equilibrium, ready to take fall or like the fluid ready to take another shape occupying a new vessel every now and then. Just a push is what keeps it from what it could get to be. Apparently each and every one of us has a way out of this situation to find the play ground which we are comfortable playing on. Everyone has an inherent stable world, which in some cases itself is unstable. But one knows how to deal with it and how to get there.

My mind works something like that. I need a space like a blank notepad staring at me wanting me to express, telling me to express, screaming at me to express. Possibly i need to smoke out all the vapours and fumes and let them condense in the pages to let go and leave me to what i have to be, to what i am. Possibly finding the right words to the right emotions and let them manifest in some form is what frees me to my playground. But how often do i do it is something that troubles me.

Once someone told me that a human being is made up of happiness and so in order to be in resonance with the rest of the world one should smile and radiate bliss. If you go against ever changing nature you suffer with agony and pain. Well going by my experiences, i don't know if you find hidden treasures by smiling but you do suffer the agony if you go against the nature and try to forcefully restrain it. We should not resist the natural happiness that could come to us.

Again someone has said, 'Be where you belong.' And you are happy at the place where you belong and that's how you know it. Resisting against everything and enraging an open or silent war is not the choice to make. Let not the negativity prevail, it's not the home. The home is in the green lands with open blue skies with occasional sprinkles to bring beautiful photographic lights and innocent naughty smiles. That’s where it is. That’s how you find your belonging. And that’s how you know it is your belonging.
Be where you belong!
Soon, I hope i too will realize and stop resisting with my belonging.