Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Semester VI

This semester started with a tragedy and it is ending disastrously.
I don't literally remember the last day i had nothing to think of. I don't remember the last moment i breathed freely. Its been so tiring, busy and fruitless that sometimes it drives me crazy.

Like recently in the crushing two weeks of major, we had term paper deadlines, lab tests, vivas, reports, exams, then minor project presentations and together with that i had like a zillion things going on at home and over here. And finally on last day of presentation what i hoped would be the day of rest for atleast 24 hrs, my professor said that our presentation was rubbish and on the same day we got a mail sent to one of our professors about our unprofessional behavior towards internship in Delphi, which by no means was our mistake.

For Gods sake why don't people understand that we are not robots and its too much to take all of this in such a prolonged stressed state of mind. And its really frustrating when you have to bear the consequences of someone else' faults as well.
Sometimes i just feel like raise the middle finger and say it.
Sometimes i think may be life is just playing a game on me.
Well i can't really say for sure what it is, but whatever it is, is not feeling nice.


reticent observer said...

that was cool........smart guy!!!

Silpara said...

thank you :)